Tylan Watts

Microbiologist, X-ray Crystallographer, and aspiring Medical Lab Scientist

Education:  B.S. Computer Science (2001), B.S. Biochemistry (2006), M.S. Biology (2009),
                     M.S. Biotechnology (2009), M.S. Biochemistry with thesis (TBA Aug 2013)

      1. Min Woo Sung, Tylan Watts, and Pingwei Li. (2012). "Crystallographic characterization of mouse AIM2 HIN-200 domain bound to a 15 bp and an 18 bp double-stranded DNA." Acta Crystallogr Sect F Struct Biol Cryst Commun 68(Pt 9): 1081-1084.
      2. Chang Shu, Guanghui Yi, Tylan Watts, Cheng Kao, and Pingwei Li. (2012). "Structure of STING bound to cyclic di-GMP reveals the mechanism of cyclic dinucleotid recognition by the immune system." Nat Struct Mol Biol 19(7): 722-724.
      3. Tylan Watts. (2013) Mechanism of MDA5 recognition of short RNA ligands and crystal structure of PepQ. (Master's Thesis). Texas A&M University repository.
      4. Jeremy Weaver; Tylan Watts; Pingwei Li; Hays S. Rye. [Paper to be published on PepQ crystal structure.] (submitted July 2014)

Research Experience

Graduate Research Assistant

Location: Texas A&M University – College Station, TX
Date: June 2009 – March 2013

    Researched mechanisms of nucleic acids bound to proteins expressed in E. coli and Sf9 cells.
    Safety Officer for Biosafety Level 1.
Certified for work in Biosafety Level 2.
    Trained new personnel and students on safety and techniques.
    Assessed computer and mechanical failures and suggested minimal cost solutions.
    Published two peer-reviewed journal articles and provided data for a third.

Graduate Research Assistant

Location: University of Texas at Dallas – Richardson, TX
Date: June 2005 – August 2007

    Certified for work in Biosafety Level 2.
    Researched plasma proteome for sickle cell anemia.
    Oversaw undergraduate student worker on project tasks.

Relevant Skills

Multiple proteomic techniques including SEC, affinity purification, tandem mass spectrometry, gel electrophoresis (SDS-PAGE, denaturing RNA gels, EMSA), and X-ray crystallography.

E. coli protein expression systems, PCR cloning, in vitro reverse transcription.

Trained in Biosafety Level 2, supervisory experience as Level 1 Safety Officer.

Computer skills include varied operating systems (MS Windows, Macintosh, UNIX-based), MS Office and similar software, image editing, advanced crystallographic software (CCP4, HKL2000, Phenix, PyMol, Coot). Able to perform computer software, hardware, and network support and upgrades.

Contact Information

: tylanwatts@gmail.com